02/03/2011 23:39

Captcha Work Way One







To get the detail of Captcha Work Way One, you need to complete offer [A] or offer [B]






[A] You need to pay us $ 22 or Rs. 1000/- as as one time consultancy fee




[B] You need to complete the 5 minutes task for free sign up of Five ways to "Earn with Internet"




Decide your self your Choice is for [A] or [B]


Once you Have reached the threshold or payout amount of $1 to $3 you can withdraw the amount via "Paypal" or "Alertpay"


Have you completed the offers?, then send us a mail on admin@captchawork.in, regards:


  • Offer [A] detail of payment made or 
  • Forward the verification mail you received of the five offers registered we given regards "Earn with Internet".





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